Our employees are our pride and company’s image. We established our company as a union of professionals who feel the team spirit, manage to cope with the large volume of work, and seek to constantly improve their professional level.

Our recruiters have an advanced intuition for finding valuable employees. Composure and impartiality are our employees’ distinguishing qualities. The most developed skill of our team is the ability to unveil the potential in candidates that the company needs. We smartly distribute our time and technological resources, which consequently, leads to the discovery of the most suitable candidate in the client company.


ü  Result-oriented performance;

ü  Prompt response;

ü  Advanced intuition;

ü  Composure;

ü  Impartiality;

ü  Stress resistance.


ü  Processing application;

ü  Development of the list of requirements for education, experience, skills and working ability of the candidate;

ü  Primary candidate search based on the client’s requirements in the labor market information databases;

ü  Stage-by-stage selection - Analysis of personal qualities discovered during interviews, professional and psychological testing;

ü  Verification of the documents and statements on education and previous jobs in resume;

ü  Proposing selected candidates to the client company, and providing information on the working conditions and requirements of the client;

ü  Optional step – in case of the client’s disapproval of the candidate, candidate replacement.

   Right choice of personnel may help to increase productivity, profit, and increase employee loyalty of the company. Wrong choice usually results into high personnel turnover or inadequate competence of the employees.

   Our abundant formed database, advanced technologies, and TSG recruiters’ expertise guarantees the selection of the best candidates. Our team will exert every effort for promoting the prosperity of your business.

About our company

Talent Service Group - recruitment company that provides services for recruitment of middle and senior management on the territory of Kazakhstan and Central - Asian countries, staff leasing (Outsourcing) and organization of professional training.

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Our specialties

  1. The top management
  2. Finance and Accounting
  3. Legal
  4. Sales
  5. Marketing
  6. Personnel Management
  7. Information Technology and Telecommunications
  8. Supply Chain Management and Procurement

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