Team TSG provides services for search and selection of qualified staff with professional and personal qualities necessary for your business.

We search for candidates for positions in Sales and Marketing, Logistics and Finance, Administration and HR, Jurisprudence and IT, Engineering and Top Management.

While working with you, we analyze each open position by applying the latest technologies to achieve excellent results in the recruitment of talented professional people who will become the part of development and prosperity of your business. 


ü  You apply for recruitment services for an open position in your company;

ü  We discuss the details of our cooperation and negotiate a treaty;

ü  Based on your conditions and preferences, Team TSG is looking for candidates for an open position in your company (on average - 7 days);

ü  We organize meetings with the selected candidates for you;

ü  Based on the results of the meeting, Team TSG selects the best-match candidate for you and makes him an offer of employment in your company

ü  Our company accompanies the candidate within 3 months of the trial period;

ü  The applicant becomes a full-fledged employee of your company;

ü  Team TSG offers you further mutually advantageous cooperation;

ü  We provide a warranty of 3 months, regardless of the terms of cooperation.

About our company

Talent Service Group - recruitment company that provides services for recruitment of middle and senior management on the territory of Kazakhstan and Central - Asian countries, staff leasing (Outsourcing) and organization of professional training.

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Our specialties

  1. The top management
  2. Finance and Accounting
  3. Legal
  4. Sales
  5. Marketing
  6. Personnel Management
  7. Information Technology and Telecommunications
  8. Supply Chain Management and Procurement

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