Team TSG provides statistical analysis of the labor market, which includes information on the average market value of experts in the industry, segment or professional group of your interest, as well as the analysis of salary and motivational packages used by competitors. Depending on the characteristics of the survey, periods may vary from a few days to three months.


ü  Rate your level of remuneration of employees, as well as salary and motivational packages provided to them;

ü  Determine the position and competitiveness of your company on the labor market as an employer;

ü  Confidently align with the labor market;

ü  Plan out the budget for labor expense for future periods;

ü  To identify changes in needs in personnel or reeducation of staff of the company.


ü  Monitoring of the regional labor market;

ü  Evaluation of the talent density of the region;

ü  Drawing up a detailed plan that determines the main objects for the analysis;

ü  Collection and processing of information of your interest;

ü  Drawing up a detailed report based on your preferences.

Additionally, if you intend to transfer some of your staff to the regions, we will undertake a large-scale study of the real estate market (cost of rental housing, transport accessibility, comfort, etc.), based on your relocation package.

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Talent Service Group - recruitment company that provides services for recruitment of middle and senior management on the territory of Kazakhstan and Central - Asian countries, staff leasing (Outsourcing) and organization of professional training.

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