Today, the success of any company, firm, or project is determined by what kind of team is executing it. Corporate training is a perfect instrument for personnel development. Corporate training considers the specifics of the company, as well as the level of expertise of the staff which enables to exclusively adapt the training program to your needs.

Questions of loyalty and motivation of employees are the determining factor in the success of any strategic project. Regardless of whether managers and owners of companies agree or not, to a pivotal extent the success of the company depends on how the company itself supports its employees in their development, growth, and self-realization.

In today's world, where the evaluation of competitive positioning is defined by the intangible and where everything is all about knowledge, the education of employees should be maintained continuous. Education is a weapon in a competitive struggle for both individual functionaries and companies in general. If you want to attract and keep the best people in your team, you should give them an opportunity to learn, make mistakes, and learn again.

The main, basic and key product of any company is the intellectual potential of its employees. Today we live in the age of information technology.

Information = money. Today's information and latest news on demand patterns are tomorrow's profits. The chain "producer - seller - client" is running faster and faster. Day by day, it is accelerating more and more. If the company fails to use intellectual potential of the employees, it is destined for elimination from the race for profits.

Corporate trainings include following areas:

ü  Personal growth and innovation;

ü  Formation of the project team;

ü  Motivation and loyalty;

ü  Corporate Culture and Organizational Development;

ü  The productivity of the company in case of force majeure;

      Trainings offered to corporate clients, always have an influence on an individual level. Before carrying out a training, thorough consultations with company’s management team are hold, personnel members are diagnosed, and an individual training plan is mapped out; the latter is based on the specific tactics and strategies for promotion of goods or services of this exact company, and is targeted to a specific group of employees (e.g. training for branch managers and training for the management of the head office - are two different trainings).

       Beyond that, training that is aimed at giving new impetus to the development of the company, closely complies with timing and development plans of the company.

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Talent Service Group - recruitment company that provides services for recruitment of middle and senior management on the territory of Kazakhstan and Central - Asian countries, staff leasing (Outsourcing) and organization of professional training.

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