ü  State the purpose of your job search and your career plans. (Do all steps in writing). Think about what you want to do (now and in the coming years) and what requirements you have for the employer. Do you have all the professional skills required for the position? Perhaps, before searching for a job, you must first go through some training in order to obtain the required certificate, or prepare a draft for the future portfolio, etc. Alternatively, having evaluated your opportunities objectively, you may apply for the position one rank below.

ü  Conduct a research on the labor market. First of all, it is important to determine the level of wages that you can claim, and to find companies that have job openings of your interest. To do so, it is necessary to conduct a respective research. Based on the result of this stage, you will decide on a salary that will be required.

ü  Make a long list of companies who have job openings of your interest. Specifically, it is necessary to use as many resources as possible to find information about available job vacancies.

ü  Inquire about the employers from the long list and find the names and contact details of focal persons. You may make inquiries about the employers via Internet, websites with reviews on the employers, social networks, friends, former colleagues, etc.

ü  Make a short list of companies. Having completed work described in the previous step, you will have taken off the list many companies because of their bad reputation, low wages, remote office, or other inconsistencies with your requirements. Perhaps, you will need to add to your list companies from related sectors or firms located in other regions.

ü  Prepare a "folder of the applicant," a set of documents that you need for a productive meeting with the employer. The folder may include the examples of completed projects and paperwork, portfolios, document cases, certificates, letters of recommendation, customer reviews, and any other evidence of the results of your success. Most importantly, in the folder of the applicant should include your suggestions to improve the results of the company in the direction of who will be responsible.

ü  Prepare your resume and cover letter, and send them to the addressee found previously. Both resume and cover letter must be fully adapted to the specific job vacancy in a given company. Only specific personalized cover letter and specifically adapted resume will help you get a job.

ü  Arrange an interview. Make sure that the employer has received and reviewed your resume and cover letter, and then, make an appointment.

ü  Attend an interview. If you present yourself properly during the interview, especially after such a thorough preparation, hiring you will become a technical matter. Major concern is to explain to the employer why he should hire you and that you are thus an ideal candidate who nobody can find.

ü  Call the employer after the interview to find out the results.

ü  Each of the 10 points above is very important and will help you find a job - the job you have dreamed about. If you miss something, it may significantly complicate the process and reduce the effectiveness of the job search.

We wish you successful job search and great professional success!

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